100% Natural Ices Cream


For three consecutive years we have been awarded the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence.

Vegan, sugar and fat free

We also make vegan gelato, dairy free, fat free and saccarose free gelato. Our staff will be happy to advise which gelato can fit your specific dietary requirements.

100% Natural Fruits

We love using fresh seasonal fruit picked at its best, giving priority to locally grown fruit like the Palma del Rio oranges, Montemayor melons, Huelva strawberries and mangoes from Malaga or Granada coast.

What we do?

What we do?

We make gelato, as simple as that! Gelato is the home made ice cream with its best Italian accent.


Our goal is to achieve the perfect match between the Italian gelato craftmanship and local excellent ingredients, because we aim at offering you a Simply Sensational and Sophisticated gelato. With three S. Just like the three S of BuoníSSSimo.


Simply Sensational because we make our gelato every day so that you can enjoy it at its best and Sophisticated because we strive to offer new and ever changing flavours moving away from the standard ice cream flavours range.




Our Bicisssima arrives strait from Italy and it is the first of this kind operating in Spain. With it we can bring the joy of our Buonisssimo gelato to your event, party or reception.

For more information and reservations contact our capabilities section in info@buonisssimo.es or call 647 40 01.

Trotamundos Routard

The famouse Guie de Routard, includes Buonisssimo among the venues recommended in Cordoba for a refreshing break during you visits to the city. Endorsed by the Routard filosophy, the Routard guidebooks are a uniquelly original source of information, funny, accurate, well documented and constantly  kept up to date.